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RE: [eia] introduction

Well, being new to the list I'd certainly be in favor of starting a game from the beginning.  As for an intro I am a 36 year old professor of modern European History.  I started gaming when I was about 15 with War at Sea and was hooked after picking up Victory in the Pacific.  It was my interest in war games that led to my majoring in history at Marquette University and then I decided to go on to grad school because, frankly, what else is one going to do with a History Major?  :)  (Or so I thought at the time.)  After heading to Florida State University to get my PhD I found a group of fellow grad students, Napoleonic scholars, who played EiA ALL the time and I got hooked on the game.  I graduated  in 2000 and came back to Wisconsin where I teach at the University of Wisconsin Fond du Lac and the UW Washington County.  However, as happy as I was to come back I went into EiA withdrawal until just recently when my current group started a game, which, unfortunately died last night.  I would love to start up a new one and have absolutely no preference for who I play.    Its great to meet all of you.


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Thus spake jjy@xxxxxxxxxxx:
> My name is J.J. Young, and I'm an almost-34 year old high school physics
> teacher living in Columbus, Ohio.  My wife is also a science teacher.  I live
> d
> in the same dorm for four years at Bowling Green State U. with Kyle and Mike,
> which is when we started gaming together.  I've been involved in several EIA
> games, but never one that went more than 3 game years.  I've mostly played
> Great Britain in the past, but I'm the Russian player in the current game.
> I have a slight preference for starting over, since we aren't very far into
> the current game, and Austria was unusually inactive up to now.  But I'm happ
> y to go with the majority.  Good to meet you !

I'll keep a tally of people's preferences, - for 'start over', +
for continue, 0 for neutral:

JJ:      -
Joel:    0

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