Michael Gorman on Sun, 16 Oct 2005 08:57:02 -0500 (CDT)

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Re: [eia] Prussian reinforcements

At 07:14 AM 10/16/2005, you wrote:
    I'm pretty sure that a corps counter that is besieged cannot be removed
from the board, but I can't find a rule that says so.  Does anyone else know
where to find it?


I don't believe it is ever explicitly stated, but I think it is the result of two rules.

5.2.3 TRANSFER OF ARMY FACTORS: During an Army Reinforcement Step unbesieged corps in the same area may exchange factors as desired, capacity permitting. Corps of different nationalities (including different minors or a major power and a minor country) may not exchange factors. This is the only time during a Turn that army factors may be exchanged except to detach and absorb garrison factors (see <http://www.centerdigit.com/openrpg/eina/#7.3.3>7.3.3). Army factors may also be exchanged with garrisons in the same area during this step, the same as in <http://www.centerdigit.com/openrpg/eina/#7.3.3>7.3.3 and, if all factors are detached from a corps, the corps counter is removed (see <http://www.centerdigit.com/openrpg/eina/#5.2.4>5.2.4). EXCEPTIONS: Feudal, insurrection and artillery factors may not be exchanged.


7.3.3 MOVING INTO CITIES-DETACHING/ABSORBING FACTORS-GARRISONS: During a major power's Land Movement Step, any non-artillery, non-feudal or non-insurrection corps may detach factors as garrisons at, or absorb army factors from, depots and/or unbesieged friendly or vacant cities by reducing or increasing its strength, if the capacity is there. There is no movement point cost for doing this.

The first one blocks transferring forces out of a besieged corps during the reinforcement phase so you can't empty the corps counter to remove it then. The second one blocks detaching factors into a besieged city, the only place a besieged corps could send its factors. So, other than demobilizing the factors in the corps, there's no way to get them out of the corps so you can remove the counter.

So I guess the leadership staff making up the corps has similar mobility to a leader counter who also can't get out of a besieged city.

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