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[eia] Prussian Land Phase

Depot Removal: None
Depot Creation: Lubeck, Wittenburg ($2)

1I between Magdeburg and Berlin moves to Hanover, picks up 1I and drops 1m, moves to Lubeck and drops 1m and continues to Stettin ($1 from Lubeck) Holland Corps moves from Hanover to Magdeburg and besieges the city($1 from Hanover) The Saxon Corps drops 1I at Wittenburg and moves to Berlin, drops 1I and then to Kustrin to lay siege ($1 from Wittenburg)
1I at Glogau drops 1m and moves to Danzig ($3 from Wittenburg)
Blucher, 2I and the Polish Corps move from Berlin to Danzig ($9 from Berlin)
1I at Prague drops 1m and moves to Dresden and sieges ($1 from Leipzig)
1I at Koniggratz drops 1m and moves to Brunn and lays siege ($2 from Thereisenstadt)

Total Cost: $20

The cossack at Stettin has to decide if it will fight, flee or retire into the city Bennigsen and his corps have to decide if they will fight or retire and the fate of their depot.

Of the current sieges, only Dresden will be assaulted.

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