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[eia] Turkish/Russian repatriation summary

    Since I spread out all the repatriation info over 5 different emails, I thought it might be worthwhile to summarize it and highlight the choices that still need to be made by Joel.  All of the repatriation orders with an asterisk in front of them indicate choices that Joel still needs to make.  BTW, the repatriation rules (4.6.2) do not specify what happens to cossacks.  In the following repatriation orders, I assume that cossacks are repatriated like corps rather than like garrisons.

    Vilna garrison (1m) => Minsk.
    * Taganrog garrison (1m) => Kharkov OR Tsartsyn OR Stavropel.
    * Russian corps (Trabizond) => 2 forage space or 1 forage space on Russo-Turkish border east of the Black Sea
    Trabizond garrison (3i, 6m) => Tiflis
    Erzurum garrison (1m) => Stavropel
    (* You could choose to send 1i to Stavropel and place 7m at Tiflis.)
    Alexandretta garrison (1m) => Tripoli.
    Famagusta garrison (1i) => Acre.  (Acre is only 1 sea space away while Jaffa is 2.)
    * 3 cossacks at Odessa => NE of Ekaterinoslav OR NW of Ekaterinoslav.
    cossack at Silistra => southern-most space in Polesia
    cossack SW of Angora => NW of Tripoli.
    Sevastopol garrison (1m) => Kharkov.
    Rhodes garrison (1i) => Damascus (because Acre and Jaffa are full).
    Corfu garrison (1i) => Damascus (because Acre and Jaffa are full).

    Turkish corps (w/Grand Vizier) => S of Kiev (on Turkish depot).

    Turkey receives 2i that had been captured by the Russians.
    Russia receives 10i 12m and 1c that had been captured by the Turks.

That should be everything.  When Joel has made the decisions that are highlighted above, I'll send out an updated map.

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