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[eia] Treaty of St. Petersburg (?), conclusion

Great Britain assents to the exile of Kutusov as its last peace term.

Moore's 2 British, 1 Swedish corps at St. Petersburg, along with the Swedish
corps at Abo, are all repatriated to the Arctic Swedish area next to the
Finnish border.  The British will have to end their blockades of Corunna and
St. Petersburg this naval turn.

Turkey gains +5 PPs, GB moves up to the top of the chart, and Russia
drops -8 PPs into the Instability zone, which triggers the neutrality of
Corfu and Rhodes, along with the defection of Finland to Sweden.

Great Britain releases its Russian POWs from Stettin and St. Petersburg, a
total of 8 I, 9 M, 1 C, and General Bennigsen.  All these will be available
in this month's reinforcements.

I'm not sure if GB should receive a PP for the transfer of Finland or not,
but it doesn't matter because it would be wasted anyway.  I think that's


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>     Turkey's final peace condition is C.6.  Turkey chooses to exile
Kutusov to Elba (hoping that GB will cooperate and make the same choice).
> kdh
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