Michael Gorman on Thu, 2 Jun 2005 18:46:26 -0500 (CDT)

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[eia] Prussian Land Phase

As long as I am correct about the strength of the Austrian corps at Berlin, this is the Prussian land phase.

Depot Removal:  None
Depot Creation: Berlin ($1)

Holland Corps moves to Hanover ($0.5)
1I at Wittenburg moves NW to the space between Magdeburg and Berlin (f/a)
1I at Wittenburg moves to Thereisenstadt, drops 2m and then force marches to Koniggratz and eats the Austrian depot
The Saxon Corps holds (f/a)
1I at Erfurt detaches a 1I garrison, moves to Thereisenstadt and picks up 1I and 1m (leaving 1m behind), and force marches to Prague (f/4) Blucher, 2I and the Polish Corps detach 1I (Prussian) at Glogau and move to Berlin and pick up the garrison there. ($1.5)

The Warsaw garrison forages on a 4-

The depot at Berlin is expecting the arrival of a British corps that will need feeding for another $0.5.

Total Cost: $4

If the Austrian corps did have a way to pick up more forces and has survivors at Koniggratz, the Prussian move will have these changes.

The Saxon Corps will move to Theresienstadt and detach a 1I garrison before returning to Wittenburg ($1 from Leipzig)

The Corps at Erfurt will make the same move, but only pick up 1I instead of 1I and 1m (leaving 1 Saxon infantry instead of 1 Prussian militia at Thereisenstadt).

The Corps at Wittenburg that originally was destined for Koniggratz will instead move to Posen ($3 from Leipzig)

This would add $4 to the cost of the turn.


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