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[eia] British reinforcement phase, 3/07

The I Naples corps picks up 1 I from the Naples garrison (leaving 1 I Neapolitan, 1 I British); corps strength now 8 I.

The II Naples corps increases to 7 I.

Sir John Moore takes command at Stockholm.

A new British I corps is placed at Stockholm.

The 1 British I in the Stockholm garrison is picked up.

The I Swedish corps increases to 8 I, 2 C.

The III Swedish corps is placed at Stockholm, taking in 4 I from the city garrison (leaving 2 Swedish I); corps strength now 4 I.

The II Swedish corps takes in 1 I from the Stockholm garrison (leaving 1 Swedish I); corps strength now 8 I, 2 C. 

The Portuguese corps disbands, leaving a 1 I garrison at Piacenza.

The Lisbon garrison increases to 12 Portuguese I.

No other visible changes.

God Save the King !

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