James Helle on Mon, 16 May 2005 18:35:49 -0500 (CDT)

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[eia] what's the holdup?

You know, after blowing my top not long ago I have really tried to be
patient, understanding and generally not make a scene.  However, I have to
admit that I'm really getting pissed off at the current pace of the game.  I
am sure that Nate is very distracted right now based on his first set of
land orders.  Nate is usually more careful than that.

Nate, if there's something going on in your life (work, family, whatever)
that is making you unable to read and respond to your emails could you (and
would you please!) authorize someone you trust (perhaps Joel) to pass along
information and request die rolls for you?  At the very least could you
please inform us how long it's going to be until you can participate in the
game again?

Joel, since you seem to be the most likely candidate would you mind
contacting Nate (I'm assuming that he won't see this in a timely manner) and
passing along the information we're waiting on?

I'm honestly not trying to be sarcastic or nasty, but the amount of time
that we've been waiting  to recieve trivial information and decisions is

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