Joel Uckelman on Sun, 8 May 2005 10:14:59 -0500 (CDT)

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Re: [eia] Fw: conquest phase

Thus spake "Kyle H":
>     JJ asked me to forward this to the list.
> kdh
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> From: J.J. Young=20
> To: J.J. Young ; public list for an Empires in Arms game=20
> Cc: Michael Gorman ; jhelle@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx ; Nate Ellefson ; Joel =
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> Sent: Sunday, May 08, 2005 8:20 AM
> Subject: conquest phase
> Anyone who gets this, please forward it to the list; my ISP has =
> apparently been blacklisted by a major spam blocking group.  I can't =
> send messages to the eia list or to Joel, Sterling, Nate, or Jim.  Is =
> there a way to set up an exception for a specific email address ?

Your mail is being rejected by my mail server because the IP from which 
your mail originates is listed in's SBL-XBL, which in turn
gets its listing from the CBL (Composite Blocking List). The address
is (, which is the primary MX for

I looked at the CBL FAQ (, and what I get
from reading it (the third question, specifically), is that IPs get into
the CBL due to security issues (open relays, viruses, trojans), not for
spamming. I did a relay test on your mail server
(, and it appears not to be an open relay.

Hopefully this is a transient thing. What has your ISP said, JJ? Also,
are you unable to email other players through their regular addresses,
or just through their game alias addresses? (If it's the former, then
permitting mail from you on my end won't help much...)
(BTW, try replying to me at jduckelman@xxxxxxxx instead.)
> Anyway, with only Prussia left to go this month, nothing will now =
> prevent France's conquest of Berg, Kleves, Palatinate, and Wurttemburg, =
> Prussia's conquest of Hesse, and Great Britain's conquest of the Papacy =
> and Venetia.  Altogether this results in +4 PPs for France, +1 PP for =
> Prussia, +2 PPs for Great Britain, and -7 PPs for Austria.
> The Hesse corps (probably already gone from foraging), the Wurttemburg =
> corps, and the Venetian fleet are all removed.
> -JJY
> P.S. I forgot that GB also conquers Romagna; another +1 PP for Britain, =
> -1 PP for Austria.

Other conquests:

I believe that Austria conquers Posen (from Poland), and that I conquer
Palestine. So +1PP for Austria and Russia, -1PP for Prussia and Turkey.

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