J.J. Young on Sat, 7 May 2005 10:35:49 -0500 (CDT)

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[eia] British land phase, 2/07

Here are Britain's land orders, along with what the corps ready to disembark inside Stettin will do if the garrison starves during Prussia's turn (which comes before mine).  This would drive the fleet with my troops aboard out into the blockade box, forcing me to make an amphibious landing in the Stettin area. 

Depot removal:  Milan, Turin
Depot creation:  Venice, Hull ($2)
(AND with the fleet Stettin IF the Prussian garrison starves, $1 more)

1 I, 1 Swedish:  Christiana ---> Stockholm ($2)
1 I:  disembark inside Stettin (f/ ???) 
(OR 1 I:  disembark outside Stettin, $2 cost)

1 I:  Mantua ---> Venice (drop 2 I) ---> besiege Salzburg ($2)
1 I:  Venice (pick up 2 I) ---> Salzburg ---> besiege Linz ($4)
Cavalry:  Mantua ---> besiege Linz ($4)
1 Swedish (w/ Wellington):  Mantua ---> besiege Salzburg ($2)
1 I:  Milan ---> Venice (f/ 4-)
1 Neapolitan:  Rome (drop 1 I) ---> Naples (f/ 5-)
1 Neapolitan:  E of Milan ---> Mantua (f/ 6-)
Portugal:  Florence ---> Piacenza (f/ 4-) 

Total cost:  $16 OR $19

The I Neapolitan corps is now 7 I.

These orders result in breach attempts at Salzburg and Linz.  Forage and breach rolls to follow...

God Save the King !
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