J.J. Young on Mon, 29 Nov 2004 23:37:35 -0600 (CST)

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[eia] British land phase, 6/06

Depot removal:  Tripoli, Leghorn
Depot creation:  Lille ($1)

3 I, Cavalry (w/ Wellington):  besiege Paris ($8 from Lille)

1 I:  Lille ---> besiege Paris ($3 from SE of London)

Sweden corps:  besiege Paris (supplied by Austria or f/ 3-)

Sweden corps:  Lille ---> besiege Paris (supplied by Austria or f/ 3-)

1 I:  hold at Tripoli (f/ 5-)

Naples corps:  Piacenza ---> Turin (pick up 1 I; corps now 8 I, Turin garrison 3 I) ---> besiege Genoa (f/ 5-)

Total cost:  $12

I will send forage rolls for Tripoli and Genoa, along with breach attempts for Paris and Genoa.  I will wait to roll forage for the Swedish corps until we find out if Austria is willing/able to feed them.

God Save the King !
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