Kyle H on Sun, 14 Nov 2004 07:19:21 -0600 (CST)

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[eia] conquests

    Since there is nothing left that can affect conquests in Western Europe,
Britain will conquer Tuscany at the end of the turn (+1 GB, -1 France) and
Austria will conquer Berg, Lombardy, Wurttemburg, and Palatinate (+4
Austria, -4 France).  These losses will place France in the Instability Zone
at the end of April.  So, in the Minor Country Control Step of May's
Political Phase, France will also lose control of Hesse and Kleves (which
will both become uncontrolled) as well as Piedmont (which will become
British controlled), Hanover (which will become Prussian controlled), and
Flanders and Baden (which will both become Austrian controlled).  No
additional Political Points are gained or lost for these changes in control.
(See rule10.5.2.3 for details.)
    Jim will have to repatriate the garrisons he has in these countries to
the nearest French controlled city.  The garrison at Cologne will be
repatriated to Breda.  The garrison at Kassel will be repatriated to Breda.
Since the garrison at Hanover is under siege, I don't know if it can be
repatriated.  (My guess is no, but I'll let wiser minds than my own debate
this issue.)
    Even though these changes won't take place until the Minor Country
Control Step in May, my new map will account for these changes.


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