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Re: [eia] French land phase- Apr. 1806

At 08:58 AM 11/8/2004, you wrote:
Thus spake "James Helle":
> Depots created: Magdeburg, Leipzig, Poitiers  ($3)
> Depots removed: Bordeaux, Hanover
> HC in Hamburg--> Leipzig  ($1, Magdeburg)
> 1 I in Lubeck --> Berlin  (F 3-)
> 1 I in Lubeck holds and maintains siege  (F 3-)
> 2 I in Bayonne --> Poitiers  ($1, Poitiers)
> 2 I W/o Zurich --> Zurich  (F 7-, 6- respectively)
> 6 I in Kustrin --> Dresden  ($8, Magdeburg & Leipzig)
> 1 I in Magdeburg --> Dresden  (F 4-)

This is interesting. You can't use the depot at Magdeburg when the city
garrison is unbesieged. But due to the order in which you've done things,
the siege isn't lifted until after you've used the depot.

That won't work since regular supply is completed after all movement and foraging.

7.4.2 REGULAR (DEPOT) SUPPLY: After the movement and foraging of corps is complete, any corps which did not forage must now pay for supply. Depot supply, while costing money prevents army factors being lost. Paying for depot supply is as follows:

It has never been an issue before, but the depot at Magdeburg cannot be used for regular supply unless a garrison is left behind to occupy it.
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