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Re: [eia] French land movement-Dec 1805

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Subject: [eia] French land movement-Dec 1805

Depots in Breda and E/o Zurich are removed

1 I in LaRochelle --> Metz  ($2)
1 I in Breda --> Antwerp  (f 8-)
1 I in Kassel --> Namur  (f 5-)

    I show this corps moving from Kassel to Namur as having a 4- forage (not
a 5-).  It took 4 movement to get there, so there is no unused movement.
The worst space you traveled through was a 5, -2 for winter, +1 for home
territory = 4.  If I recall, the forage roll was low enough that it didn't
matter, but I just wanted to set the record straight.


P.S. Sorry if someone already made this point.

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