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Re: [eia] Nelson/Napoleon

    My view is *not* that the Nelson/Napoleon bonus goes to whoever has the
most fleets/corps.  My view is that the Nelson/Napoleon bonus goes to
GB/France *only*.
    So in the case that Mike describes, with one British fleet and multiple
Spanish/Russian fleets under the command of Nelson, the Spanish and Russians
would earn PPs normally while GB would get 1 PP + the Nelson bonus.
    The fundamental issue for me is that it makes no sense that the success
of a British commander would have any effect on Turkish politics.  The
success or failure of a British commander held in high esteem (i.e. Nelson)
has an effect on *British* politics.  The success or failure of a French
commander held in high esteem (i.e. Napoleon) has an effect on *French*
politics.  I don't see any good reason why it would affect anyone else.


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> At 11:12 AM 7/30/2004 -0400, you wrote:
> >     My belief is that only GB can gain or lose political points on
> >of Nelson's presence at a battle.  Similarly, I think that only France
> >gain or lose political points on account of Napoleon's presence at a
> >While this is not stated clearly in the rules, I think it is the best way
> >following the spirit of the rule change we adopted regarding how
> >multi-national forces are awarded political points after a battle.  Since
> >have accepted the fundamental principle that different countries on the
> >side of a battle can gain or lose differing amounts of political points,
> >makes sense to me that we should differentiate who gets the benefit for
> >having Nelson/Napoleon.  (After all, why would the Turkish people be
> >encouraged because some foreign guy was in command when we won a battle?)
> >
> >kdh
>          I tend to agree with Kyle's point but based on how we set things
> up last game, but it does lead me to think of another possible situation
> that we might as well figure out too.
>          I'm not sure how likely this is to come up with the number of
> fleet losses this game, but what if there was only one British fleet with
> Nelson and say all of the Spanish or Russian fleets on one side of a
> battle.  The way we put things for land combat, the Russian or Spanish
> fleet would be considered the primary combatant since they contributed the
> most fleets/ships and thus would get the full value of the battle while
> British would get one point for being there to help out.  So, who would
> the Nelson bonus then?
>          I figure this gives another way to look at it and if we find a
> solution that looks good from both directions we'll stay happy with it.
> Mike
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