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Re: [eia] Anglo-Turkish naval phase, 10/05 (part II)

    I think what JJ is saying is that the incoming fleets have to be
somewhere when they are intercepted.  They cannot be in the surrounding sea
zone because of some rule (I don't remember which one) which says that
fleets in a blockade box cannot intercept fleets in surrounding sea zones.
If the intercepted fleets cannot be in the surrounding sea zone when they
are intercepted, then they must be in the blockade box when they are
intercepted.  If they are in the blockade box when interception occurs, then
the battle that takes place will include all allied fleets together (by some
other rule whose number I don't have handy).

Does that help?


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> Thus spake "J.J. Young":
> > The Spanish cannot intercept a fleet until it enters the blockade box,
> > according to the rule that Danny quoted.  Rule 6.2.2 makes it clear that
> > fleets of a major power or combined major powers, in the same place,
> > be treated as a single stack.  Therefore, as soon as a fleet enters the
> > blockade box (and it cannot be intercepted before this), it becomes part
> > the larger stack.  There is never any circumstance where an attacker or
> > interceptor can fight only some of an enemy power's fleets, while
> > the others out of the battle.
> I realize that once the incoming fleet is *in* the blockade box it has
> whatever stack is already there. What I'm inquiring about is *when*
> fleets are considered to be in the blockade box.
> I think that you're claiming this:
> The only way to prevent a fleet with sufficient movement points from
> a stack in a blockade box is to intercept and defeat it in a sea zone
> to the blockade box.
> Am I understanding you?
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