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Re: [eia] just checking

Another case would be a city on the receiving end which is not a supply
source, such as an enemy city which you have occupied.  The fleet would have
to be at the sending end for sea supply to connect.


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> Thus spake Michael Gorman:
> >
> > >
> > >The only rub I see is, which requires that the supply chain
> > >"start" in the home nation in order to send reinforcements. I take it
> > > that the supply is supposed to flow from the end with the
fleet, so
> > >I think that means you would need a fleet in Britain or Ireland to do
> > That is interesting.  So would indicate that the fleet must
> > be at the originating end.  Doesn't matter in Britain's case where both
> > ends of the Naples supply are lines are valid sources for supply
> > but it does mean you can't pull a fleet into a besieged city and build a
> > depot there, the fleet has to be at the unbesieged end.
> >
> > Mike
> Yeah, that seems to be the gist of this. That's not the way I'd thought it
worked previously. It's weird to note that it works the opposite way for
invasion supply; there's no need for a fleet at the source end, as far as I
can tell. (Cf.
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