Kyle H on Thu, 8 Jul 2004 11:32:12 -0500 (CDT)

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[eia] Turkish land phase, July '05

    Depot removal: NE of Nemirov.
    Depot creation:  Tripoli (in Syria).  ($1)

1I: Acre => Tripoli.  ($0.5)
Syria: NE of Damascus => Damascus [pick up 1 inf. garrison] => Tripoli.  ($0.5)
1I holds at Acre.  (F/auto)
1I: Constantinople [detach 1 inf. garrison] => Adrianople.  (F/auto)
1I: Nemirov => W of Ekaterinoslav.  (F/4-)
1C (w/Kushanz Ali): Kiev => W of Ekaterinoslav.  (F/5-)
3C (w/Pechlivan Khan) hold at Kiev.  (F/auto)
4I hold at Kiev.  (F/5-)

Grand total:  $2.

Forage rolls are forthcoming.
There will be a field battle W of Ekaterinoslav.
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