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[eia] British land phase, 1/05 (part 1)

Mike suggests that I go ahead with my land orders as if the 3 German corps retreated according to the rules as written.  Actually, this would only effect the Wurttemburg corps, as the Baden corps would end up in Liege, and the Hesse corps in Breda, whether we use the retreat rules as written or the proposed house rule, which Jim said was OK with him.  (The Wurttemburg corps will end up in Stuttgart under the house rule, Metz under the retreat rules as written.)  

So what I will do is to give all my land orders except for the Wurtembergers, and reserving the right to build a depot for that corps' supply.  It will do nothing that would interfere with the other corps' orders, and it will not initiate a field battle, which would have to be resolved first before any sieges.

So everyone can give their opinions this evening as to whether they prefer the rules as written, the proposed house rule, something else, or simply to use the rule as written this turn and discuss changes for the future.  I'm OK with either the as written or the proposed house rule, which are all we have on the table at the moment.

So after that long-winded prologue, here are Great Britain's land orders:

Depot Creation:  III fleet blockading Amsterdam ($1, maybe more for a depot to feed Wurttemburg)

1 I:  hold at Gibraltar ($1)
1 I:  Portsmouth ---> London (f/ auto)
Cavalry:  hold at London (f/ auto)
1 I:  disembark at London ($1)

Hesse:  Breda ---> Brussels (drop 1 I garrison) ---> Breda ---> besiege Amsterdam ($2)

Baden:  Liege ---> Cologne (drop 1 I garrison) ---> Breda ---> besiege Amsterdam ($2)

Cost so far:  $7

This results in a breach attempt at Amsterdam by the Baden and Hesse corps (both 4 I, 1 C).  Roll to follow.

God Save the King !
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