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[eia] JJ's proposal

Here was JJ's proposal for anyone who missed it.
"If a retreating corps is retreating from an area _adjacent_ to its national capital, it will retreat to the area of its national capital in precedence to an area closer to the nearest depot.
EXCEPTION 1:  Since a retreating force cannot be split up, this house rule only comes into effect when the national capital in question is the nationality of the _majority of corps_ in the retreating force.
EXCEPTION 2:  Since a force cannot be retreated into the same area more than once, if the retreating force has been moved into the area of the national capital, and must continue retreating because the national capital's area is enemy-occupied, this house rule no longer applies for the remainder of the retreat."
This should help insure that a retreating force starting near its capital should end up there, or at least pass through and end up somewhere close.
Opinions ?  Exceptions or problems I didn't see ?

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