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Re: [eia] German retreats

If we are operating under my proposed house rule, these are the choices I
would make and where the three corps would end up.

What I was going for in the house rule was something that would avoid
retreating forces moving away from their capital, if it's right next door,
but would not cause wacky retreats far away from the capital, for instance
an invasion by sea.

Prussia's land phase is up, but I'm ready to take my land phase as soon as
we settle the German retreats and where those corps will be.


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> Here is how the 3 German corps would retreat, under my proposed house
> I think the eia server is down, so it may be a long time before everyone
> gets this.  But here goes:
> The Wurttemburg corps would retreat Ulm ---> Stuttgart.
> The Baden corps would retreat N. Baden ---> Freiburg ---> Strasbourg or S.
> Mainz (I choose Strasbourg) ---> Liege or Metz (I choose Liege).
> The Hesse corps would retreat N. Hesse ---> Kassel ---> Wesel ---> Breda.
> -JJY
> Is this where you want the minor country corps to end up,JJ?  If so, I
> no problems with this.  I have not reviewed the house rule proposal in
> depth, but on the surface appears ok.  I will look at it more closely
> tomorrow.  Who is up now, anyway?  Prussia, maybe?
> Jim
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