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Re: FW: [eia] Assault at Kassel

Actually, my forces have not been given access to Prussian territories,
which would include Magdeburg.


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> Thus spake "Kyle H":
> >     Joel is right that there is no house rule currently in force that
> > require JJ to retreat one way rather than another.  However, we might
> > to consider adopting such a house rule since it seems unrealistic that
> > forces would *intentionally* retreat *toward* enemy corps.
> >
> > kdh
> In reality, the fact that there is a supply depot in London should play no
> role in the decision process of the Hessian (or Badener, or Wurtemburger)
> commander. Likewise, the Turkish depot at Erzerum should make no
> for the Moroccan commander. Retreting toward a depot makes sense only when
> it is near enough to be used within the next few months, and it it
> that the commanders in question would even be aware of the existence of
> particular depots in far off England or Armenia.
> I would expect that for the Hessians the defense of Hesse would be their
> priority, and so if they were unable to retreat into another part of Hesse
> they would attempt to retreat into a friendly area adjacent to Hesse. They
> have access to both Frankfurt and Magdeburg, the latter of which is nearer
> to the site of the battle. So I think it makes the most sense for the
> Hessians to retreat to Magdeburg. (This might be different if they weren't
> their own, but instead were stacked with or near a major power corps. In
> absence of outside influence, my expectation is that the Hessians would
> decide that the best way to defend Hesse is to conquer Holland.)
> I don't know how to codify this, however; good retreat rules are
> difficult to write.
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