James Helle on Sat, 17 Apr 2004 18:20:26 -0500 (CDT)

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[eia] French naval/land phases- jan 05

French fleets hold in port

Depots placed: Mainz, Strasbourg  ($2)
1 IC Piacenza-->Florence (drop 1I garrison)  ($4)
1 IC Piacenza-->Leghorn  (f/a)
1 IC Piacenza -->holds  (f/a)
1 IC Strasbourg (drop 1I)-->Ulm  ($4)
2 IC (w/Soult) Mainz (drop 1I)-->space w/ Baden corps via Freiburg  ($4)
1 IC Piacenza-->Freiburg & beseiges  ($2)
1 IC (w/ Ney) Minden(drop 1I)-->space w/ Hessian corps  ($2)
HC Amsterdam-->Frankfurt (drop 1I)-->Kassel & beseiges  ($2)
1 IC LeHavre-->Wesel  ($2)
1 IC St Malo-->Lorient (drop 1I) too late :)! (f5-)
1 IC La Rochelle-->holds  (f6-)

JJ, does the Wurttemburg corps fight or retire?  There are combats in Hesse
and Baden, and seiges in Kassel and Freiburg.  Gotta go for now, but will
send out forage/combat rolls late tonight or early in the morning.  Also,
Russia loses -1PP for Berg and France gains +1PP.

p.s.  France will go first in the land phase :)

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