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[eia] [escrow] January 1808 Declarations of War

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From: austria@xxxxxxxxx
Date: Sun 11 Apr 2004 19:25:45

Austria declares war on Bavaria and Romagna.

From: britain@xxxxxxxxx
Date: Sun 11 Apr 2004 10:22:54

Great Britain makes no new declarations of war.

Rule Britannia !

From: france@xxxxxxxxx
Date: Sun 11 Apr 2004 10:58:21

France declares war on Baden, Berg, Hesse, Tuscany, and Wurttemburg (-5 PP)

From: prussia@xxxxxxxxx
Date: Wed 07 Apr 2004 22:26:40

Prussia declares that the Duchies and Mecklenburg will join their Prussian 
brothers in the greater Prussian Reich!

Which is a sorta polite way of saying we declare war on them.

From: russia@xxxxxxxxx
Date: Wed 07 Apr 2004 20:36:38



From: spain@xxxxxxxxx
Date: Sun 11 Apr 2004 16:16:18

Spain declares war on Morocco!

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From: turkey@xxxxxxxxx
Date: Thu 08 Apr 2004 15:00:54


    Turkey makes no new declarations of war.


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