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[eia] France's economic phase - correction

    Correction: Holland does *not* begin building a new ship this economic


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A. Victory Points: 4.
B. Money and Manpower Collection: 91/30 (+ $6 of American trade, if
permitted by GB)
Holland 14/6
Piedmont 12/4
Baden 6/4
Wurttemburg 8/4
Hesse 8/4
Bavaria collects no income.
Hanover 10/4
C. Lending Money: private.
D. Manipulation: none.
E. Expenditures: maintenance is paid on 9 corps, 1 fleet, and 2 depots.
Holland pays maintenance on 1 fleet and 1 corps.
Piedmont pays maintenance on 2 corps.
Baden pays maintenance on 1 corps.
Wurttemburg pays maintenance on 1 corps.
Hesse pays maintenance on 1 corps.
Bavaria pays maintenance on 1 corps.
Hanover pays maintenance on 1 corps.
All other expenditures are private.
F. Political Status Adjustment: +2.
G. Civil Disorder: n/a.
H. Ceding: none.
I. New Political Combinations: none.
J. Levy Step: n/a.
K. UMP Control: n/a.
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