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[eia] Austrian Land Phase 9/07

Merry Christmas All !

Remove Depot: W. of Gratz
New Depot: W. of Salzburg, Venetian fleet ($2)

Inf Corp from Linz, drops off 1 garrison factor => W. of Salzburg ($.5)
Inf Corp from Piacenzia => n, picks up depot garrison => N. of Milan
(french depot) ($1 fed from depot W. of Salzburg)

Mack & Inf corp => Zurich ($2, fed from depot w. of salzburg)
Cav corp from Salzburg => Zurich ($2, ")
2 Cav corp from Piacenzia => Zurich ($4, fed from depot e. of Milan)

Inf Corp from Ancona => e. of Milan (f/a)

Charles & 2 Inf corp => Milan (f/a)
Venetian corp in Milan holds (f/3-)

Inf corp from Salzburg => Munich (f/3)
Inf corp from Salzburg => Munich ($1)
John and 2 Inf corp from w. of gratz => Munich ($2)

Lombardy corp => Turin (f/5-)

Prussian supply :($2)
expected Turkish supply: 2 corp in Milan from e. of Milan and 1 corp in
Salz ($4.5)

Total: $21

I believe that is all correct, and that I haven't gone over the supply
limit on any depot.

France needs to decide:
Whether or not to burn depot N. of Milan.
Whether or not to burn the depot in Turin and retreat into the city.
If the corp in Zurich can retreat to the city, does it?

Of course, France can (and should) wait until Turkey does his move to
declare these.

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