J.J. Young on 18 Dec 2003 22:41:35 -0000

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[eia] Re: Annual gamefest

I think actually Friday is going to be a travel day for out-of-towners.  Hmm, I'll have to think about this...

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  I can make it on Thurs and Fri of that week.  (Jan 1+2)  If everyone(anyone) that's going to be around on those days is interested in playing 3E, please let me know so I can get something ready.  Or, better yet, if anyone is interested in running a game on those days, tell me so I can start getting a character concept ready...


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    Anyone who's going to be in the central Ohio area at the time is invited to
    our annual gaming/go-to-the-movies/socialize and catch up-fest from Monday,
    December 29 (we'll be visiting my parents before that) to Friday, January 2
    (we'll need Saturday and Sunday to recover and clean up before starting back
    to work).  We have a double bed, futon, single mattress, and lazy-boy chair
    available for free accomodations.  The featured activities will probably
    include some 3rd Edition D&D, going to see Return of the King on a giant
    IMAX screen, various pick-up wargames and card games, and general

    Please let us know if you'd be able to make it, and what days to expect you.
    We're looking forward to seeing anyone who can make it  Happy Holidays !


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