J.J. Young on 9 Dec 2003 00:32:17 -0000

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[eia] British land phase, 9/07

Depot removal:  none
Depot Creation:  Malta, Portuguese fleet ($2)

1 I:  disembarks at Gibraltar, lays siege ($1)
1 I:  Copenhagen ---> Malmo ($1)
1 I (w/ Wellington):  Almeida ---> mts. due W of Madrid ($1)
Cavalry:  Almeida ---> mts. due W of Madrid ($1)
Portugal:  Almeida ---> mts. due W of Madrid ($1)

Supply for 2 Turkish corps at Malta ($1)

Total costs:  $8, plus possible additional supply to allies

These orders result in one siege attempt at Gibraltar (roll to follow...).

Rule Britannia !
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