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[eia] French land phase, 09/07

    France will go first in the land phase.

    Depot removal: Minden, Lyon, Strassbourg.
    Depot creation: Toulon ($1).
1I: Bourges => Marseilles.  ($1)
1I: Soissons [absorb 1 mil.] => Zurich [detach 1 mil, unless lost as foraging casualty].  (F/5)
1I: St. Malo => Soissons [absorb 3 mil.].  (F/auto)
Hesse I and Wurttemburg I (w/Soult): Kassel => E. of Mainz.  (F/auto)
Hanover I holds at Minden.  (F/auto)
Baden I: Hamburg => Kassel.  (F/4)
Holland I holds at Breda.  (F/auto)
Bavaria I: Milan => NW of Mantua.  ($1)
Piedmont I (w/Eugene) holds at Toulon.  (F/auto)
1I (w/Massena) continues siege of Milan.  (F/auto)
Piedmont I: E. of Zurich [detach 1 inf.] => Milan.  (F/5 - not using unused movement points)
2I (w/Davout): Turin => Milan.  ($2)
3I (w/Napoleon & Murat): E. of Zurich => NW of Mantua.  ($3)

Total cost: $8.

3 forage rolls and 1 siege roll are forthcoming.
There will be one land battle NW of Mantua.

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