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Re: [eia] sorry for the delay....

Jesus !  That's terrible !  I'm really sorry, Danny.  I hope the rest of the
family makes a quick recovery.

Well, to turn to truly trivial matters, a naval battle only consists of 1)
reporting your forces, 2)  determining the wind guage (who shoots first),
which is automatically Spain since they are the blockader, and 3)  one roll
for the damage inflicted.  Since Spain is the attacker, they must inflict
more losses that the defender to win the battle.

So just send out one die roll, along with your ship strengths, and I'll
report my beginning forces, my surviving forces after your attack, and my
counterattack roll.


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> I am sorry for the delay fellas.  My best friend's family from back home
> recently attacked and his dad was murdered, mom shot 3 times and sister
> up.  I have been out of town and had to leave on the fly.
> I have been trying to catch up with school work and everything.
> Spain wishes to intercept the British and Turkish fleets.  I have never
> intercepted before so do I need to just send out the info on how many
> as well as three rolls?
> Thanks for your patience guys.  Again, sorry to hold up the game.
> Danny
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