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Re: [eia] Access

The land movement phase is political.  The combat phase is political.  The
economic phase is political.  If the basis of something being in the
political phase is that it is a political decision, then there is no other
phase than the political phase.

What I have yet to hear an argument for is why I have to publicize my
discussions with other nations about access in advance and why I can't
change my mind in the middle of the turn about access.  In other words, why
does this decision need to be made simultaneously with everyone else, rather
than in the sequence of the land or naval phase and why does it have to be
announced to the world in advance and not just to the person I'm negotiating

The time delay argument is useless.  When everyone has good email access we
blow through decisions in no time at all.  If I've already negotiatied what
access I'm going to give someone in advance, then it's trivial to pop out an
email at some point to authorize their movement during the land phase.  The
only time we've seen big delays of any sort is when someone is just too busy
to pay attention to the game or away from access to their records.
Otherwise we've been able to flash through all sorts of things with very
little delay.

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> I disagree 100%.  To grant access to your land to another army can only be
> catagorized as a political action!  I don't feel that it *must* be done
> escrow, but that is how we are doing all our other political actions so I
> think it should be included therein as I, for one, do not want to create
> another step that we have to wait on.  I think the "Declaration of
> Movement" step can easily be modified to the "Declaration of Combined
> Movement/Grant Access" step.

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