Joel Uckelman on 29 Mar 2003 23:11:00 -0000

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Re: [eia] Spanish Mistake??????????????????????

Thus spake Danny Mount:
> Ok guys.  I have sent emails to two different players and NEITHER of them
> have written me back yet.  Before this gets any further out of hand without
> my input, my intentions were to use my fleet in Cartagena to transport one
> of my corps in Barcelona down to Morocco.  Since no one is seeing this I
> assume that I have errored in my ability to do this.  I thought that as long
> as a corps is in a port city and the fleet in transport has enough movement
> then I would be able to do this.  Will someone please let me know the ruling
> on this!
> Also, I did have a corps marker purchased and infantry able to be placed in
> Cadiz but I thought that my tactic was sound in the above plan.
> If I have made a mistake, then I can definitely live with it, but all I want
> is some feedback!
> -DEM

According to, a corps that is being transported by sea and the fleet
transporting it must start the turn in the same port. So you can't move
the fleet first, pick up a corps, and move again. This is undisputed.

What is currently in dispute is whether having a corps marker that you can
place within striking distance of Morocco is sufficient to allow a DoW. I
believe it is; Kyle and JJ appear to think otherwise.

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