Joel Uckelman on 29 Mar 2003 18:23:01 -0000

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Re: [eia] Spanish Reinforcement Phase (Sept. 05)

Thus spake "Kyle H":
>     My vote is that Spain should have to take back its war declaration.
> Like Joel, I was expecting Danny to produce a new corps at Barcelona,
> Cartegena, or Cadiz.  To avoid situations like this in the future, I'd say
> that declarations of war can only be made if the force necessary to do so is
> *already on the map* at the time of the declaration.
> That's my opinion.
> kdh

I've changed my mind on this after rereading the rule. The relevant rule
( says:

"War may not be declared on a neutral minor country if it is physically
impossible for the declaring major power to enter the minor country's
territory during the Turn."

As we've said, having no corps on the map that can enter the minor country at
the time war is declared is no guarantee that the minor cannot be entered
during the turn. I don't know whether Danny had purchased any corps, or
whether he had any Spanish factors to place in such a corps---but, if both of
those things obtained, then there was at the time of the declaration of war a
way for Danny to enter Morocco during September. And that is sufficent to show
that entering Morocco was possible at the time of the declaration. The fact
that Danny has subsequently made it impossible for his forces to enter Morocco
during September is irrelevant.

Thus, if Danny can confirm that he had both 1) a purchased corps, and 2) at
least one factor that could have been placed in it, the DoW should stand.
Otherwise, the DoW wasn't legal.

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