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[eia] French Land Phase (08/05)

    Well, since the battle between the Spanish and the Russians SW of St.
Petersburg will have no effect on my orders, I might as well send them out

Depot Removal:  Amsterdam.
Depot Creation:  Breda and Lille.  ($2)

1I (w/Ney) holds N. of Hamburg.  (F/auto)
Holland I: Amsterdam => Hamburg.  ($0.5)
1I: Hanover => Breda.  ($0.5)
1I (w/Murat) holds at Lille.  (F/auto)
1I (w/Napoleon): Namur => Lille.  (F/auto)
Bavaria I holds W. of Munich.  (F/auto)
1I: St. Malo => Poitiers.  (F/auto)
1I holds at St. Malo [absorbs the 1 inf. garrison].  (F/auto)
1I: W. of Lyon => Lyon.  (F/auto)
1I: Grenoble => Genoa [absorbs the 5 inf. garrison].  (F/auto)
1I and Naples I (w/Davout & Bernadotte): Naples => Rome.  ($2)

Grand total: $5

Do the British wish to fight a field battle at Rome or retire into the city?


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