James Helle on 20 Mar 2003 23:12:01 -0000

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[eia] New Prussian land orders-Aug. 1805

Depots Created- Danzig   $1
Depots Destroyed- Posen
French corps B-L to east of W. Galicia  f/a
I corps in Minsk beseiges the city    $2
I corps in Warsaw moves to east of  W. Galicia   $1
I corps in Warsaw moves to east of  W. Galicia      $1
I corps in B-L moves east of W Galicia (w/ Hohenloe)  $1
I corps in B-L holds (w/ Brunswick)   f/a
I corps in Minsk moves to Grodno  $1
Saxon corps in Warsaw drops two garrisons and moves to
            Lithuania and engages cossacks there   $1
 P.S.  I'm really sorry about the delay guys, but I've been putting in 15 hour days this last week and just havn't devoted the time to writing up my new orders.