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Re: [eia] Prussian land phase-Aug 1805

    Hi Jim.  Thanks for sending out your land orders.  However, because of one important mistake, you'll probably want to re-write them from scratch. 
    First off a very minor mistake: You already have a depot at B-L, so you don't need to create a new one.  (I just realized that your depot at B-L is missing from my maps, so it's probably my fault that you thought you didn't have one there yet.) 
    Second and more importantly, you cannot create a depot at Grodno because it is outside your territory and you don't have a corps there.  ( reads: "For a major power to place a new depot *outside* of its own territory, an unbesieged corps of that major power must be in that area.")  This is the mistake that will probably force you to re-write your orders, since so much of what you do depends on having that depot.
If there's anything we can do to help, please don't hesitate to ask.
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Subject: [eia] Prussian land phase-Aug 1805

Depots destroyed:  Posen
Depots created:  B-L, Danzig, Grodno ($3)
French corps:  B-L to open space east of W. Galicia (f 6-)
1 I corps B-L to Minsk(w/ Brunswick) ($2)
1 I corps Minsk to Vilna (drop 3I gar.), Grodno (drop 3I gar.), to
        open space south of Vilna & Minsk and engage cossacks
Saxon corps Warsaw to B-L (drop 3I depot gar.) ($1)
1I corps Warsaw to open space east of W. Galicia ($1)
1I corps B-L to open space east of W. Galicia(w/ Hohenloe)
1I corps Minsk lays seige to the city ($2)
1I corps Warsaw to open space east of W. Galicia ($1)
Total cost is $12