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Re: [eia] new depots

    I see no reason why the language in 7.2.3 should restrict you to only a single depot.  I think that establishing multiple new depots in different directions from the same supply source is completely consistent with the rules.  Any dissenters?
    Don't forget, though, that when new depots are created outside the home country, they may only be placed in spaces containing corps that you control.  At present, there is no new space eligible outside of Prussia that is eligible for the creation of a new depot (because the cossack between B-L and Minsk blocks the supply lines).
    Also be aware that you can always create a new depot in a city within your home nation.  That's always an option regardless of whether the new depot would be part of an existing supply chain.
Hope that helps...
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Subject: [eia] new depots

Q.  Does 7.2.3 imply that only one new depot may be built off of an existing depot?  For example, can two new depots be built off an existing depot in two different directions?  I need this interpreted before I can send out my land orders.