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[eia] St. Petersburg results

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Dice rolls requested by: Michael Gorman <mpgorman@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Rolls also sent to:

# +1 on the 3-3 chart

No. of sides on every die:      6
No. of dice for every roll:     1
No. of dice rolls requested:    1
No. of rolls per line:          1


Well, the battle ended big. The two armies finally became fully engaged late in the afternoon but the Russians had made good on their mid day gains and were able to drive the coalition brigands from St. Petersburg where the bells of victory now ring.

Round losses: Russia loses 3 factors and 1.4 morale and the coalition loses 4 factors and 3.3 morale Final results: Russia loses 3 factors of militia and wins the battle, worth 2 PP The coalition loses 7 factors, one of which must be Swedish cavalry, is forced to retreat to Viborg and both Spain and Britain lose 2 PP. No meaningful pursuit is possible as the swamps reduce the pursuit class to one and 2 factors of Russian cavalry cannot inflict losses on that table.

Spain and Britain need to allocate their losses and that should wrap up the Russian land phase.


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