Michael Gorman on 8 Mar 2003 17:10:01 -0000

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Re: [eia] Battle of St.P., round 2

At 05:05 PM 3/8/2003 +0000, you wrote:

Dice rolls requested by: "J.J. Young" <jjy@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Rolls also sent to:

# combat roll on 1-2 (+0)=20

No. of sides on every die:      6
No. of dice for every roll:     1
No. of dice rolls requested:    1
No. of rolls per line:          1

Well, the dice stay unfriendly to both sides.

This round results in no damage at all to the Russians and 3 factors and 1.4 morale loss to the coalition. I guess a few of the Russians know their way through the swamps.

Total losses thus far:
Russian 0.3 morale
Coalition 3 factors and 1.6 morale

The final round occurs on the 3-3 chart for Russia and on 2-2 for the coalition.

Bagraton will push on with +1 to the Russian roll and keep the guard back for the next battle.

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