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[eia] French land phase, July 1805

    Since I don't see how the Spanish naval phase could possibly affect anything I will be doing in my land phase, I'll go ahead and send out my orders now.  (Oh yeah, France chooses to go first in the land phase.)  My hope is that this gesture will help to keep the ball rolling...
Depot Creation and Removal
Place depots at Naples, Grenoble, and Hamburg.  ($3)
Land Movement and Supply
1I at Lille (w/Napoleon) => Antwerp [detach 1 mil. garrison] => Breda [detach 1 mil. garrison] => Brussels [detach 1 mil. garrison] => Namur.  (F/auto)
1I at Lille (w/Murat) holds.  (F/auto)
1I at Hamburg (w/Ney) => N. of Hamburg.  (F/auto)
1I at Hamburg => Hanover [detach 1 mil. garrison].  (F/auto)
1I at Bourges => St. Malo [absorb 1 inf. garrison].  (F/auto)
1I W. of Lyon holds.  (F/auto)
1I at Genoa (w/Massena) => Toulon [absorbs 1 mil. garrison, detaches 5 inf. garrison] => Grenoble [detaches 1 mil. and 1 inf. garrison].  ($0.5)
1I at Naples (w/Davout&Bern.) holds.  (F/auto)
Holland I at Amsterdam holds.  (F/auto)
Bavaria I W. of Munich holds.  (F/auto)
Naples I at Naples => Taranto [absorb 2 inf. garrison] => Naples [detach 1 inf. garrison].  ($0.5)
Total cost: $4.
Spanish naval phase and Russian land phase are due up next...