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Re: [eia] British naval orders, part I

    I think you skipped a space, right?  Toulon (blockade) => off Marseilles
=> Ajaccio/Parma => Cagliari/Tunis => Palermo/Tunis.  That means 4 movement
have been used.  (You are probably already aware of this, but since you were
being so detailed in your orders, I thought I'd complete them.)
    Sure, the French fleet will try to intercept.  Roll is forthcoming.

    BTW, here's something I just realized today regarding the Prussian
reinforcement phase:  if 10 Prussian militia factors were produced in July,
then they *all* have to be placed in Prussian cities because no Prussian
corps is currently eligible to receive reinforcements.  (In order to receive
reinforcements, a corps must be within 1 space of a depot that is part of a
valid supply chain - which means a chain of depots no more than 2 spaces
apart that starts in a city space inside the home nation.  Since the only
Prussian depot currently inside Prussia is the one at Konigsberg and since
there are no eligible corps near that depot, no newly purchased Prussian
factors can be placed directly into corps.)  So, if you want to keep those
extra 4 militia factors, they will need to be placed in Prussian cities.


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> The British VII fleet (I think that's its number; the one blockading
> moves first.  Here's how it begins its move:
> Toulon blockade box ---> sea area off Palma/Ajaccio ---> sea area off
> Cagliari/Tunis ---> sea area off Tunis/Palermo
> At this point, the French fleet off Naples may attempt to intercept before
> VII fleet continues its move.
> God Save the King !
> -JJY
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