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[eia] misprint

    I had not noticed it before, but the inclusion of a leader called "Ruby"
in the Cyberboard version of EIA appears to be a misprint.  (JJ, could you
please look at your copy of the boxed game and verify that there is no
Spanish leader called Ruby.)  Sorry about that, Danny.  You had no way of
knowing about this mistake, so I hope that it doesn't screw up any of your
plans.  If it does, please let us know, and maybe we can come to some
equitable arrangement.
    BTW, in the next month or so I plan to revise the current Cyberboard
gamebox file ("ourgame.gbx") to fix a few of these minor mistakes.
Obviously, I'll delete Ruby from the list of Spanish leaders.  I also plan
to provide more French 1 militia tokens (because I have almost run out).  If
there are any other mistakes/revisions that need to be corrected/made to the
gamebox file, please let me know and I'll put them on the list of things to


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> Naval: No changes seen
> Land: Place Ruby (leader) with corps in Barcelona
> No other visible changes
> -DEM
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