Kyle H on 19 Jan 2003 17:46:01 -0000

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[eia] French land reinforcement orders

    I second the motion that we need to speed things up.  Perhaps those who
will not be affected by Spain's reinforcement orders could help move things
along by publishing their orders early.  Since I'm not at war with anyone
but GB (and JJ has already published his orders), I'm willing to lead by
example and publish my reinforcement orders now.

1 militia garrisons appear in the following 4 French cities:  Toulon,
Marseilles, Bordeaux, and Le Havre.
Soult is removed from the board.
Davout and Bernadotte are placed with the French corps at Naples.
Ney is placed with the French corps at Hamburg.
Massena is placed with the French corps at Genoa.

That is all.


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