Kyle H on 4 Jan 2003 07:03:01 -0000

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[eia] Recap

    Hello all.  Since I wouldn't blame anyone for ignoring the running
debate between me and Mike about our re-roll policy, I just wanted to
summarize the results so that we are all aware of the new policy.
Henceforth, when a player has made combat rolls before discovering that his
land orders were invalid, the player who did not make the mistake will have
the undisputed right to insist that his opponent re-roll the dice if *any*
changes are made to the land orders at all (i.e. if any corps and/or
garrisons move through or end up in different places than they moved through
or ended up in the original orders).  (FYI, some players have already made
it clear that they will *always* require re-rolls under the circumstances
mentioned above.  So we should all be prepared for this eventuality when we
make mistakes.)
    In the absence of a consensus, I think this is the best possible
solution a) because it guarantees that no one will ever again feel that they
have been cheated because a player moved with foreknowledge of his combat
rolls, and b) it provides enough flexibility to allow those of us who don't
mind letting someone fix their orders without re-rolling to do so.
    If anyone is opposed to this new policy, please make your opposition


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