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[eia] retirement decisions

    The French corps at Genoa will retire into the city.  The city will be
fully garrisoned and Genoa has one flech, so the coalition forces will need
an unmodified roll of 5+ in order to breach the city walls.  Davout and the
French corps at Turin will also retire into the city.  Turin is also fully
garrisoned.  Because Turin has two fleches, the Austrians will need an
unmodified die roll of 6 to breach the city walls.
    If all other issues have been resolved, then roll away!


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> Depot Creation/Removal
> Depots at Madrid and Saragon removed
> Depot built at San Sebastion and on the second Fleet (cost of 2)
> 2 Corp with Blake move to Bayonne after picking up the 4 inf garrioned in
> San Sebastion.  Fed from depot for a cost of 2
> Corp with Blake disembarks on Genoa, fed via invasion supply; 2 British
> are also fed, total cost 3
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