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[eia] error at the Battle of Munich

    Uh, guys.  I just realized that last night we forgot we were fighting in a forest!  That means the casualty level should have been reduced by 1, and the outflanking force should have had a -1 modifier.  I'm not sure how we should handle this.  On the one hand, I'm inclined to say that since all of us who were present forgot about it, we should just chalk it up to experience.  On the other hand, keeping last night's result is somewhat unfair to Austria since things turned out so poorly for Everett.  So here's a compromise that I'm willing to accept.  As far as the first round of combat is concerned, it will be easy enough to figure out what the losses should have been, given our rolls (France rolled a modified 4, and Austria rolled a modified 3.)  I rolled for Napoleon to arrive, so that should still stand.  However, I did *not* roll for the outflanking force to arrive because I thought it would be automatic.  Because of the forest, though, it should have been a roll of 5 or less.  Since my next two rolls in the combat were 5 and 3, I would like to assume that my outflanking force would have arrived in the second round.  So if you are willing to accept that my outflanking force arrived in the second round, I am willing to reroll the 2nd (and, if necessary, the 3rd) round of combat.  Doing so will almost certainly result in much fewer casualties for Austria, so I think this is a very reasonable compromise.  Let me know if you disagree.
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Battle of Munich - March, 1805
Austrian defenders, with no commander, consisting of the V, I Grenadier, and Light Infantry corps (11 I, 4 Gd, 4 C, 3.7 morale) chose Defend.
French attackers, commanded by Soult, consisting of the II and III corps (34 I, 6 C) chose Outflank.
In the first round, both sides lost 1 I and 0.5 morale each.
After the first round, Napoleon successfully reinforced the French pinning force, bringing the I corps (17 I and 3 C) with him and taking command of the French army.  The outflankers then arrived on the field of battle.
In the second round, the French lost 0.2 morale but no casualties.  The Austrians suffered 10 I, 1 Gd, and 1 C casualties, and lost 3.2 morale, breaking their army.
In the ensuing pursuit, led by Murat who had also arrived with Napoleon, the remaining 3 Gd and 3 C of the Austrian army were scattered and killed, leaving no organized force.
 As a result of Bonaparte's victory, France gained +3 PP and Austria lost -2 PP.