J.J. Young on 26 Jul 2002 16:40:02 -0000

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[eia] Fw: OpenRPG download

Here is a message which contains the link to the OpenRPG download, for those who may have lost the previous link in the shuffle.
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From: Kyle H
Sent: Thursday, July 25, 2002 7:36 PM
Subject: Re: read immediately !

    Well, if you've already got OpenRPG downloaded, then just go to the top of the screen - click OpenRPG Servers - click Browse Servers - select the one at the top of the list (OpenRPG Dev) and then click the button that says Connect.  When you see a dialog box for rooms, scan down until you see "Battle of Munich".  Click that one and type the password for the room, which is "password".  That should do it.
    If you haven't downloaded OpenRPG, then you'd need to start downloading quickly!  To get it on your computer, you need to make 3 downloads totaling approximately 13 MB.  Here's where you go to get those files:
(Apparently, there's a new version out today: v. 1.2.1.  I have 1.1.2.)
Hope to see you there!
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From: J.J. Young
Sent: Thursday, July 25, 2002 7:28 PM
Subject: read immediately !

It turns out I can be around at 8:00 after all.  Can you give me a brief rundown of what I need to do to observe the battle ?