Michael Gorman on 22 Jul 2002 13:52:04 -0000

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[eia] Russian Land Phase

Since I don't particularly care where the Spanish and British navies choose to move and I'm not at war with France, I'll go ahead with the Russian land phase while we await news of the war in the west.

Depot Creation: Galatz, Silistra ($2)

2I corps at Riga hold and forage (auto)
1I corps at Tiflis holds ($0.5)
1I corps at Galatz detaches a 5pt garrison and moves first to Silistra and then to Ruschuk
Kutusov and 1I corps move from Silistra to Ruschuk ($2)
Bagraton, 1I and 1C corps detach a 5pt garrison in Silistra and move one space south to engage the Turkish corps in the forest and across the river ($2)
Cossack in Silistra moves to Belgrade

Total Cost: $7

Battles:  Field battle south of Silistra, Field or Siege battle at Ruschuk

The field battles are supposed to be resolved first, so we can do the battle south of Silistra first and then the battle at Ruschuk, which I expect will be a siege.

Is whatever problem the escrow was having for chit choices last turn resolved? If so, Joel and I can set one of those up, otherwise we can pick a third party and mail them to that person again.


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