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Re: [eia] up and running

>    Hello all.  I seem to be back up and running.  Could someone
please >send me the link to the archive?  Thanks.  Also, I'm
attaching a few >images.  One is my best recollection of the
minor country status, one is >my record of the political status
display, and the third is a map.  >Could you all just briefly
look at these documents and see if you notice >anything wrong
with them.  (I'm sure there are mistakes.  I just need >you to
help me find them.)
>    Hey Kyle, Prussia's portion of the map looks to be correct. 
The only question I have is on the status card.  Does Prussia's
position {the last box of the Neutral Zone} reflect the March
political phase?  If so then it also seems to be correct. 
Prussia should be -5 and +5 and should be where they started the
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