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Re: [eia] feudal corps POWs

>    Yeah, I was wondering about that, too.  I don't think that
your having a
>prisoner of his would prevent him from placing a new Bosnia
corps on the map
>in December.  But what if the war ends before the end of the
year?  Could he
>then place the Bosnia corps back on the map containing 1 inf.
factor?  I
>don't know...  I guess I can't see why not...
>    BTW, when my computer died, I lost all my copies of the
emap.  Once I
>get a new computer, I'll start a new one, but that probably
won't happen
>before the end of the land phase.  So if someone else wants to
do the honors
>at the end of Feb 1805, please be my guest.  (That is, if people
still care
>about the emaps.  I like sending them out every once in a while
because I
>like to be sure that we are all looking at the same thing when
we send our
>orders.  But maybe that's just me...)
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>> > That was the Bosnia corps, ladies and gentlemen. Everyone
give a big
>> > of applause for the Bosnia corps.
>> >
>> > Since it had 9 factors and you killed only 8 before it
broke, I believe
>> you
>> > now have 1 factor of POWs.
>> >
>>     I think that's correct, but I'm not entirely certain how
that works
>> feudal corps.  If we hit the levy phase in December and one
factor is
>> POW, does the corps relevy anyhow?  If so, does the POW factor
>> Mike
>>Yeah, what Jason said.  I'd really like someone to send out new
maps at the end of the month.  I'm trying to maintain my own but
not sure its very accurate.
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